Pepe Escobar: Where is the special prosecutor? + Turley discusses Holder, torture, FISA

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Pepe Escobar: Where is the special prosecutor?

Bringing Bush and Cheney to justice


Rachel Maddow Show: Mark Denbeaux on Torture and Prisoners “Returning to the Battle Field”

heathr456 on Jan 16, 2009

Rachel talks to Mark Denbeaux about the US policies on torture which have been violated and the ever revolving numbers of people who have supposedly “returned to the battle field”.


Countdown: Turley on the Holder Nomination Hearings

heathr456 on Jan 16, 2009

Keith talks to Jonathan Turley about the answers given by Eric Holder during his nomination hearing and the need for him to prosecute war crimes.


Rachel Maddow Show: Jonathan Turley on War Crimes

heathr456 on Jan 9, 2009

Rachel talks to Jonathan Turley about why the Obama administration needs to go after the Bush administration for war crimes.


Countdown: Bush Official Admits US Tortured Prisoner + Corruption of the Department of Justice

Don’t Abuse Presidential Pardons by Ralph Nader + Bush: I Authorized Torture

Will a king prosecute a king?

Cheney Admits Authorizing Detainee’s Torture

Countdown: Cheney’s Admission of War Crimes + Dismantling Regulations

8 thoughts on “Pepe Escobar: Where is the special prosecutor? + Turley discusses Holder, torture, FISA

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  7. There is no question about guilt and there hasn’t been for some time. The question, and the one not asked: What is the Obama Regime going to do about. My money is on that nothing will happen.

    • Shaine, you got that right. I’m also of the opinion that nothing will happen either. Hope otherwise, but that’s not enough.

      What’s with both Bush and Cheney coming out recently saying that they approved of the torture? Something’s going on.

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