A Gaza story by WDA (poem)

Dandelion Salad

Sent to DS by the author, the mother of Samar.  With our deepest sympathies and condolences to WDA and all of Samar’s family and friends.  ~ DS

by WDA

I am seated on rubble and ashes
I don’t know if Aya my doll is still in my arms
I still can hear the talks, the whispers and the crying of latest days
And the laughs of other times
I still hear the familiar call for praying, the sounds of the house …

I hope to see my family and my friends soon
so we can run and laugh as we used to do,
each day a new world…

Now it is all rubble and ashes
and me half seated, half buried in it
My name is Samar, I was six
I lived in innocence
I died in Gaza.

(Written by WDA – Gaza)


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