Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil & speakout against slaughter in Gaza

compiled by Cem Ertür
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18 January, 2009

Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil & Speakout against slaughter in Gaza

Monday 19 January 2009, 5.30-7pm

Protest the BBC’s reporting of the Gaza crisis. All women welcome.

BBC Broadcasting House Portland Place,
London W1A 1AA
(near Oxford Circus)
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We have come together to spell out the truth about Occupied Palestine that the media, beginning with the BBC, refuses to report – about Zionist apartheid, women giving birth at checkpoints, the expulsions, the theft of land and resources, the imprisonment of children, the swimming pools in Zionist settlements filled by siphoning Palestinians’ drinking water. The BBC has not publicly complained that Israel is preventing their reporters from entering Gaza to witness the bombing and invasion firsthand. Neither does it report Jewish opposition to this Zionist slaughter of the innocents.

We are Muslim and Jewish women who are speaking out together against the Israeli slaughter and devastation in Gaza . We, like the whole world, are shocked by what we witness on our television screens, a small part of the horrendous truth. But we are not surprised by this horror. Israel has been driving Palestinians from their homes, killing and maiming women, children and men, bulldozing and bombing their infrastructure, since 1948 when the UN gave them permission to impose a Zionist state on Palestinian land.

No one works harder than the women in Occupied Palestine to keep family, neighbours and friends alive. In Gaza under the stress of shortages of the most basic necessities as a result of the blockade — endorsed by the EU — women under bombardment and invasion must watch their babies being killed and maimed. This is the most powerful indictment of Israeli arrogant racist and sexist murder.

We must spell out how, to justify the US/Israeli war against the people of the Middle East, the UK has launched a racist war against Muslims in Britain .

Therefore we Muslim and Jewish women are coming together to hold a vigil and speakout. Women will finally tell their story of what they have to do and undergo to try to preserve life and to resist occupation and genocide.

In every society we women are the carers of the human race. Our work is human survival. Let us exercise this power to help stop Israel ‘s war against Palestine.

This event is organised by:

* The Islamic Human Rights Commission (44) 20 8904 4222

* International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (44) 20 7209 4751


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