Olmert: Massive weapons smuggling from Iran and Syria to Hamas

Note: Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
19 January, 2009

1) Hamas announces week-long ceasefire in Gaza

2) Leaders pledge to end arms smuggling

3) Olmert: Hamas an offshoot of Iran

4) Text of U.S.-Israel agreement to end Gaza arms smuggling

5) Presentation of the wishes of the Diplomatic corps;  Speech by the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy



excerpt from ‘Hamas announces week-long ceasefire in Gaza’

by Martin Fletcher and Azmi Keshawi, Times, 19 January 2009

[UK Prime Minister Mr Gordon] Brown said British naval vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden would help to intercept weapons from countries like Iran. “This fragile ceasefire has got to be followed immediately, if it is to be sustainable, by humanitarian access . . . by troop withdrawals, by an end to arms trafficking,” he said.



excerpt from ‘Leaders pledge to end arms smuggling’

by Edgar Lefkovitz, Jerusalem Post, 18 January 2009

“Today it is clear to everyone that in order to achieve a stable cease-fire, Hamas must be prevented from building up its military capabilities through massive weapons smuggling from Iran and Syria to the Gaza Strip.” [Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, 18 January 2008]


excerpt from: ‘Olmert: Hamas an offshoot of Iran’

Ynetnews, 17 January 2009

Hamas “is an offshoot of Iran,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in a press conference announcing a cabinet decision on a cessation of Israel’s operation in Gaza as of 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

“Iran, with its weapons smuggling, attempted to do with Hamas what it did with Hizbullah in Lebanon,” he added.


excerpt from ‘Text of U.S.-Israel agreement to end Gaza arms smuggling’

Haaretz, 17 January 2009

Enhancement of the existing international sanctions and enforcement mechanisms against provision of material support to Hamas and other terrorist organizations, including through an international response to those states, such as Iran, who are determined to be sources of weapons and explosives supply to Gaza.


excerpt from: ‘Speech of Mr. President of the Republic [of France Nicolas Sarkozy]

Presentation of the wishes of the Diplomatic corps, Palais de l’Elysée’ (*)

16 January 2009

The year 2009 will be decisive for Iran … time from now on is counted. The IAEA underlines fast and alarming progress program of Iranian enrichment, of which each one knows that it does not have any civil purpose. The moment approaches where a choice will have to be made by the Iranian leaders: either they cause a serious confrontation with the international community; maybe, which France wishes, one has arrived, finally, with a solution by the entered into negotiation, hold you well, for 5 years.

(*) link to the transcript of the speech in French:


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6 thoughts on “Olmert: Massive weapons smuggling from Iran and Syria to Hamas

  1. Hello Philip,

    In addition to what I wrote earlier in reply to a similar criticism to an earlier compilation (see the link above posted by dandelionsalad), I would say that this particular one illustrates how Israel, US, UK and France collaborated in the run up to the cease-fire.

    It is frightening to see how the citizens of these countries are simultaneously being subjected to the same propaganda.

  2. More anti-iran propaganda. As if we don’t get enough of that in the Mainstream Media. I wonder why Dandelion Salad chooses to carry water for the War Machine?

  3. What a crook. Why is not arms smuggling when the US ships high tech terrorist weapons to Israel.

    Hamas is the democratically elected government of Gaza and is primarily a creation of Israel by their refusal to deal with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

    The main terrorist organization in the Middle East has been shown over and over to be Israel, from attacking US ships, spying on the US Department of Defense, to illegally attacking Lebanon and Gaza.

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