Israel Hits UN School in Beit Lahiya + Cell Phone Video

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Updated: added another video with some of the same footage but with different commentary at the end (propaganda alert).  How anyone can justify what Israel did is beyond me.  ~ DS



This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Excellent report by Jonathan Millar reporting from Gaza and the UN School in Beit Lahiya where Phosphorus bombs and artillery struck, killing two children and injuring many more people.

I’ve added a few photographs to this report at 4mins 08secs.

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Cell Phone Video Of U.N. School Being Shelled


January 20, 2009 PBS News Hour

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Mosaic News – 1/19/09: World News From The Middle East + Israeli warplanes attack Gaza

Now why can’t those damn Palestinians just disappear? by William Bowles

chemical weapons-white phosphorus-DU


Gaza Crisis Appeal

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  3. I agree with Sha B. Parker above – let these countries put their money where their mouth is, that is, unless they’re too afraid to piss off the US. I am tired of this fascism and quest for world dominance. I am sick and tired of Israel, which does NOT have the right to exist, nor does it have the right to continue its ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine. I am utterly nauseated at the US, who backs this deliberate genocide, finances it, and spreads lies about Hamas and the Palestinians.

  4. The outrage by most of the world is false. Only two countries have taken action against the illegal Zionist state of Israel, Venezuela and Bolivia. Where is the rest of the world? Let them backup outrage with action. Action that the Criminal Fascist state will understand.

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