Jim Rogers interview about UK economy 2009.01.23

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Jim Rogers reiterated on 2009.01.23 that both UK and pound don’t have bright future.

Part 2


Kucinich Challenges Banks on Hoarding Bailout Funds

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3 thoughts on “Jim Rogers interview about UK economy 2009.01.23

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  2. Confederate dollars, Weimark ? ? ?
    Fiat currencies, valueless, but credit[debt], is now the stable currency?
    Get real, broke people can’t barrow, this is why banks are not lending, “our[peoples] money” but in hoard mode.
    The voo-doo of leveraging money, this is cause and the effect of incompetence. Whether private or Govt.., this should and has to be stopped. Loan only what assets a bank really has, or don’t loan at all.

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