“The good war”

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Nancy Youssef reports on her recent assignment in Afghanistan and on Obama’s plans for the country Pt 1


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January 25, 2009
1:00 PM
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The Good War

The Real News spoke to Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers’ chief Pentagon correspondent, who has just returned from Afghanistan, to see whether Obama’s strategy could reverse the deteriorating situation in the country.

“People have less water, less electricity, less quality of life. So even if those things [reconstruction] are happening, it’s not reaching people,” says Nancy. “I think there’s a real frustration with Hamid Karzai’s government which the United States backs….And right now it’s not clear who the alternative to Hamid Karzai is. There’s a real frustration with the governance. I didn’t hear talk about reconstruction. I heard we don’t like the man your government is backing.”

There’s a shift in approach argues Nancy. With Obama in power, the U.S. will direct their resouces more to severing the drug money that funds the Taliban and less to hunting down its leaders and policing the border, she says.

“The question is what’s the link between building up forces in the south and a more stable Afghanistan and can bottom-up governance work? And I think that’ll be the question of 2009,” says Nancy.

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  2. Putting more troops into Afghanistan is only more dumbfuckedness of foreign policy to piss more money and lives away. The Taliban had effectively ended the drug trade until the country was invaded under a false pretext. The only reason we are there is so an oil pipeline can be built.

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