Bill Moyers Journal: Sirota, Frank, Williams & Harris-Lacewell

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Bill Moyers Journal

Political columnist and blogger David Sirota and WALL STREET JOURNAL columnist Thomas Frank talk with Bill Moyers about their hopes and expectations of this administration.

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Williams and Harris-Lacewell

Bill Moyers sits down with Columbia law professor and Nation columnist Patricia Williams and Princeton politics and African American studies professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell about the significance of this milestone and what it means for the future.

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Bill Moyers on The Forgotten

PBS Bill Moyers reflects on the new administration and the forgotten Americans. Bill Moyers Journal airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings). For more:

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Bill Moyers talks with Thomas Frank: Web Exclusive

Thomas Frank’s THE WRECKING CREW, examines corruption in Washington, puts the Abramoff scandal into context. Bill Moyers and Thomas Frank discuss the scandal and Frank’s new book in a Web-exclusive interview.

Your book describes conservatism as “an expression of American business.” Why exclude Democrats? Jimmy Carter triggered the deregulation frenzy. Bill Clinton pushed for NAFTA, signed the Telecommunications Act of l996 which gave the megamedia companies everything they wanted, auctioned off the Lincoln Bedroom, and swooned over Robert Rubin while showing Robert Reich the door. Democratic Congresses were shaking down corporations when George W. Bush was still tipsy in Texas. And who was running Congress during the S&L swindles of the late 80s? Why single out conservatives as the greedy party?


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U.S. Moving Toward Czarism, Away From Democracy

By David Sirota
January 25, 2009
SFC” – -January 18, 2009″

History’s great American parables teach that if anything unified our founders, it was a deep antipathy to dictatorship. As bourgeois revolutionaries from Boston to Philadelphia courageously split with the British crown in 1776, they created three equal branches of government to prevent, in the words of James Madison, “a tyrannical concentration of all the powers” in a president’s hands.

For two centuries since, civics books, Hollywood biopics and party convention speeches have constructed a mythology insisting that this democratic commitment to checks and balances makes our country a beacon of freedom – the “shining city on a hill” overlooking a despotic world below. We are told that democracy’s tumult – its messy debates, legislative sausage-making and electoral friction – is the best way to guarantee that public policy represents public will, therefore making us a strong and durable nation.

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