Jewish Voice for Peace: An open letter to President Obama

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Jewish Voice for Peace


Please add your name to our letter, and then ask your like-minded friends to do the same. Jewish Voice for Peace and Just Foreign Policy are aiming to deliver this letter on February 23.


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Dear President Obama,

Your presidency marks the beginning of a new era in America and in the world. Against all odds and maybe even our own better judgment, you taught us to hope again. Now, the crisis in Gaza demands that you match our hope with real progress. And, just to be clear, those who voted for you aren’t the only ones doing the hoping.

We are Americans who voted for you and we are Palestinians and Israelis a world away. We are the women, men, and children who are suffering every single day in Gaza and Israel and we are the people who seek to heal their suffering. We are mothers of soldiers and children of refuseniks. We are Jews and Muslims, Christians and Atheists.  We are united in our call to you today:

Please, support peace for the people of Gaza and Israel.

Press for an end to the blockade of Gaza, so that the people there can have food, medicine, fuel, and basic necessities. That is the only way that they can live, thrive, and rebuild their economy.

Talk to everyone, including Hamas. The late Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban said, “You make peace by talking to your enemies.” This holds true today. Even a majority of American Jews support negotiations even with Israelis “worst enemies.”

Back up talk with actions. This includes monitoring arms smuggling into Gaza and U.S. military aid to Israel. These
weapons are killing mostly children and civilians.

And, support the Peace Plan. 57 countries around the world support this plan that provides independence and support for both Israel and Palestine. Peace Plan supporters won’t wait for the United States forever – and without the United States, it won’t happen. It’s that simple.

President Obama, we will continue to hope, and to support your efforts. Please, don’t let us down. Please deliver the promise of hope.



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5 thoughts on “Jewish Voice for Peace: An open letter to President Obama

  1. Global Unity is the reality that has been born. War is not part of the new way. War, is obsolete. ONLY Love prevails now. One step at a time . . . . . . We have dreamed this dream and are making it the reality. One step at a time . . .We shall overcome . . . One for All and All for One. One People of One Planet, as diverse as the fish in the seas. Hand in hand we have not settled for anything but PEACE for all. The pen is more poweful than the sword.

  2. Every single person in the world has a right to a life in dignity, without the threat of being denied food, water, health care, medicines and the threat of being killed or losing your home in the next military attack. The time of empires is over. Let’s get down to living decent lives in peace with our neighbors. The United States time as an empire is over. We have been through a nightmare, but we just have to wake up and look at the peoples of the world not as victims that we can profit from, but as people who have an equal right to a good life and, above all, a life in peace.

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