Netanyahu: Iran Is the Terrorist ‘Mother Regime’

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25 January, 2009

excerpt from: Iran Is the Terrorist ‘Mother Regime’

by Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal, 24 January 2009


Rather than looking for solutions from Egypt, however, Mr. Netanyahu’s gaze is intently fixed on Iran, a subject that consumes at least half of the interview. Iran is the “mother regime” both of Hamas, against which Israel has just fought a war, as well as of Hezbollah, against which it fought its last war in 2006. Together, he says, they are more than simply fingers of Tehran’s influence on the shores of the Mediterranean.

“The arming of Iran with nuclear weapons may portend an irreversible process, because these regimes assume a kind of immortality,” he says, arguing that the threat of a nuclear Iran poses a much graver danger to the world than the current economic crisis. “[This] will pose an existential threat to Israel directly, but also could give a nuclear umbrella to these terrorist bases.”

How to stop that from happening? Mr. Netanyahu mentions that he has met with Barack Obama both in Israel and Washington, and that the question of Iran “loomed large in both conversations.” I ask: Did Mr. Obama seem to him appropriately sober-minded about the subject? “Very much so, very much so,” Mr. Netanyahu stresses. “He [Mr. Obama] spoke of his plans to engage Iran in order to impress upon them that they have to stop the nuclear program. What I said to him was, what counts is not the method but the goal.”

It’s easy to believe that Mr. Netanyahu, of all people, must be wishing President Obama well: If diplomacy with Iran fails and the U.S. does not resort to military force, it would almost certainly fall to Mr. Netanyahu to decide whether Israel will go it alone in a strike. (In a separate interview earlier that day, a senior military official assured me that a successful strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is well within Israel’s capabilities.)


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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Iran Is the Terrorist ‘Mother Regime’

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  2. Sooo, will part of the diplomacy with Iran about nukes include disarming Israel and the USA of all their nukes as well, and stopping all this talk of bombing Iran?

    Has Iran done anything illegal that that the USA and Israel haven’t, such that they should be threatened with being forcibly disarmed, and the US and Israel not?

    Is Iran more expansionist about it’s deranged ideology than the USA and Israel have been about their own? Which of the three nations in question has committed greater warcrimes?

    One wonders maybe if we hadn’t overthrown the democracy of iran and supported Israel in their ill-gotten religious state installed in someone else’s desert, all this would not be a problem.

    (Poor Naive Natureboy, what a simple mind…)

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