Syria will be first rogue state to get Barack Obama charm offensive

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25 January, 2009…

Syria will be first rogue state to get Barack Obama charm offensive

Barack Obama will seek to befriend Syria and enlist the rogue state’s help in fighting terrorism, in what US officials see as the first test of his plans to talk to America’s enemies.

by Tim Shipman, Sunday Telegraph, 25 January 2009

Diplomats and Democrats in Washington have confirmed that Mr Obama wants to persuade the Syrian leader, Bashar Assad, to cooperate with the West, in the hope that he will loosen his country’s close ties to Iran, forcing Tehran to the negotiating table as well.

During his presidential campaign, Mr Obama pledged to speak to states like Iran and Cuba without imposing preconditions as the Bush administration did on any contacts.

But in conversations with allies since his election, Mr Obama has made clear that he believes the key to improving the political situation in the Middle East is to peel Syria away from its longstanding alliance with Iran, rather than to immediately start negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear weapons programme.


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2 thoughts on “Syria will be first rogue state to get Barack Obama charm offensive

  1. I have an idea:

    Use our influence to force Israel to pay massive reparations to Palestine, then offer israelis some strip of desert that looks just like their scene, build them their temple but in Nevada somewhere, along with lifelong counseling for cultist religious fanatics and trained killers, and withdraw all support for their existing ‘state’ (they wanna live in the godforsaken blood-soaked mideast, good luck! yer on your own…).

    Then we fix our energy issue, withdraw our forces from around the globe and stop meddling with the world, any/all diplomacy to be done through the UN in league with the community of nations, but ultimately let the deranged islamic radicals deal with their own issues of which side of bed the Prophet got out of.

    Problem solved.

    Whew, then we won’t have to read about the middle east and its wars every day, Islamic terrorism against the west will be a non-issue, and we can get back to fixing the planet.

    • Haha, I was thinking the New Israel nation could be located in Montana, but yes, Nevada would be fine, too. They wouldn’t even have to have a military, and the US wouldn’t have to give them however many billion a year to maintain one. Think of all the jobs that would be created having to build an entire nation!

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