Thain was robbed! Or, why a–holes are always in charge, by Greg Palast

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by Greg Palast
Greg Palast

John Thain is the guy that looks like a Clark Kent doll you saw grinning from page one of your paper Friday morning. Thain was just fired by Bank of America because the square-jawed executive demanded a $30 million bonus after losing $5 billion in just three months at the bank’s Merrill Lynch unit. In addition, Thain spent over a million dollars redecorating his office while, at the same time, the U.S. Treasury was bailing out his company with billions in aid. Thain’s office re-do included the installation of a $35,000 toilet bowl.

Thain was robbed. He shouldn’t have been fired; he should have gotten a $60 million bonus — and Obama should immediately hire him as Secretary of the Treasury in place of that tax-dodging lightweight that’s been nominated, Timothy Geithner.

Here’s the facts, ma’am. …

For the remainder of the story on Thain’s toilet and the economic crisis, go to Palast’s investigative reports for BBC TV, Rolling Stone and others can be seen at


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  1. so criminals run the gov a mint?

    So Tim Geithner joins the Rubin Citigroup Goldman exec at Clinton treasury from Kissinger Associates, then gets appointed by Pete Peterson of Blackrock to run the NY Fed, Blackstone creates a huge blowup in MBS real estate , then Geithner sends billions towards rubins friends at citi etc, and pays off Blackstones partners to handel the whole rip off at Bear and Lehman?

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