Iranian Defence Minister: Israeli will attack Gaza again in coming months

compiled by Cem Ertür
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25 January, 2009

excerpts from Israeli will attack Gaza again in coming months, says Najjar

IRNA, 21 January 2009

Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Wednesday that Israel will attack Gaza again in the coming months

“Certain reports indicate that Israel will in the coming months launch an attack on Gaza again. Israel’s rejection of the UN Security Council resolution can be an indication of this,” Najjar told reporters […]

Najjar said that he was confident that Palestinian resistance movement will be fully alert and careful and meet its long-term objectives. “The victory promises a yet bigger victory, that is liberation of holy Qods and the occupied territories,” he added.

“… After 22-day war, we’ve been witnessing that Israel failed to meet all its pre-announced military and political objectives. Israel wanted to topple the Palestinian popular government, remove resistance and reverse the security equation within Gaza but to no avail. Rather, legitimacy and power of resistance on both domestic and international scales increased as a result. We see that besides public opinion in Muslim states, the international public opinion are supporting Palestinian resistance.”

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2 thoughts on “Iranian Defence Minister: Israeli will attack Gaza again in coming months

  1. You keep saying Hamas won, Hamas won what kind of victory is that. You lose more than 1000 people and you call yourself a winner? Its a shame.The war between palestine and Israel is a being motivated by hatred. Its better to curse your children than to teach them hatred. Hatred is a desease that will doom the future generation of palestine.
    Why is it that is middle east there is always wars.Is it war between muslim and christian? How many Gods do we have on this planet? Two ? One for christian and other one for muslim. If God was a christian there is no way He could have allowed Muslims to live and If He was a Muslim there is no way He would have allowed christians to live. GOD IS HOLLY AND YOU CAN NOT COMPARE HIM WITH ANY KIND OF RELEGION ON THIS PLANET.
    Humans like fighting for domination using the name Of God
    Let as live in peace for a while. The wrath Of God is comming soon.It will not choose any religion but every one who dwells on this planet.

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