Is military spending crippling US?

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The United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year on its military. Part of the budget funds a worldwide network of bases, including sites in former Soviet republics.

6 thoughts on “Is military spending crippling US?

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  2. Dr. Ron Paul certainly has the correct idea here. Close them. We don’t need and can’t afford to be the police force of the world. It only causes resentment among other nations.

    Unfortunately, the broadcaster is probably correct in that the hegemonic forces of the US will change little under the Obama Regime.

  3. Congress should tax the American People to pay for these bases instead of Appropriating/Allocating the money secretely. These bases should be located within the United States borders. The military money would then be spent in local communities instead of in foriegn countries.
    This would effect the U.S. economy positively.

  4. As much as there are two sides to this coin and I have little sympathy for the Russian point of view after they themselves left thousands of people across Eastern Europe in the bitter cold this winter for the lowest of political reasons; I can only state that the word “Is” in the title of this post should be the third word in the sentence, not the first.

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