Radio Roxanne: women in black, NYC-Palestine & Israel

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This is a 20 minute Radio Roxanne audio clip with an interview of Women in Black (WiB), NYC–With one NYC Jewish woman who helped found NYC’s WiB, and one NYC Jewish woman whose personal transformation prompted her to join WiB’s weekly vigils, and then went to Palestine and Israel to learn firsthand about what are the living the conditions there. The link to the audio at my website is here: and at the end of the written back-story (–not a part of the audio narration, which is a different text only contained in the audio, nor the interview–) to my encounter with them… I hope that this post goes some way to shattering the wall of lies regarding what’s really going on in Palestine and Israel, at a time of precarious “cease fire”. There are also some links to more information at the end, including a few actions you can take.

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  4. Women in Black ~ what a great group this is, and international to boot. I’ll have to check this out later today, but say “Women in Black” and thought of my own local group here in Seattle. Every Thursday they stand at Westlake Center in Seattle, in silence. Very effective, and a great bunch of people. I will be back to check this out later today!

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