Occupied Minds (2005)

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Occupied Minds is the story of two journalists, Jamal Dajani, a Palestinian-American, and David Michaelis, an Israeli citizen, who journey to Jerusalem, their mutual birthplace, to explore new solutions and offer unique insights into the divisive Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film takes viewers on an emotional and intensely personal odyssey through the streets of one of the world’s most volatile regions.

Dajani and Michaelis grew up in Jerusalem just a few miles apart from one another — but in reality, worlds apart. Both have extensive and complex ties to their homeland. Jamal traces his family history in Jerusalem back to the 7th century, while David was born in Jerusalem to parents who had immigrated from Germany in the 1920s to escape growing antisemitism.


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  2. Outstanding video, highly recommended. I sent it to a lot of people, and I hope it is shared by them, too. Thank you, Dandelion, for posting it.

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