Obama: A Strong Middle Class = A Strong America

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President Obama and Vice President Biden speak about the new Middle Class Task Force dedicated to raising the living standards of middle class families. Learn more at http://AStrongMiddleClass.gov.

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3 thoughts on “Obama: A Strong Middle Class = A Strong America

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  2. If Obama & Biden were serious (which they aren’t), they would begin by pushing the Congress to enact single-payer health care without delay. Middle class families are now only one illness or accident away from poverty and poorer families have to forego care until they are ready for the emergency room. This is immoral and unacceptable.

    If they were serious (which they aren’t), they would adopt James Galbraith’s suggestion of raising Social Security benefits and having the government temporarily pay all or part of the payroll tax.

    This administration is falling into a pattern of talking the talk but refusing to walk the walk. We shouldn’t fall for it.

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