Livni: We mustn’t sign arrangements with Hamas, but rather use force

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Propaganda Alert

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Farms Heal–Agrotherapy

By Shepherd Bliss
Guest Writer
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February 1, 2009

Big Green Tomatoes

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After farming for most of the last sixteen years in semi-rural Sonoma County, Northern California, and being raised partly on our family farm in Iowa, I have come to understand that agriculture can serve many functions, in addition to producing food, fibers, and beverages. Some farms–especially non-industrial small family farms–are places where working the Earth can be good for body, mind and soul. Farms can heal.

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Rachel Maddow Show: Former Gitmo Prosecutor Lt. Col. Darrell Vandeveld

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Rachel talks to former Guantanamo Bay prosecutor about why he quit and the sorry state of the evidence against the prisoners held there.

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Obama’s Torture Loopholes, by Prof. James Hill


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1/31/09: Your Weekly Address, by Barack Obama

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In his weekly address, President Barack Obama announced that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is preparing a new strategy for reviving our financial system, and urged the swift passage of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.

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Obama’s New Bank Giveaway, by Michael Hudson

Nests In Hell, by Rand Clifford

Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

Obama: A Strong Middle Class = A Strong America

Control Of the World’s Oceans. Prelude To War? by Rick Rozoff

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by Rick Rozoff
Global Research, January 30, 2009

Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) and the US 1,000-Ship Navy

In of the most monumental and sweeping, though frequently overlooked, efforts by the former Bush administration to project worldwide military dominance and in so doing further vitiate international relations is what its initiator, John Bolton, in his capacity of Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security at the time called the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI).

Officially launched on May 31, 2003, the PSI was the broadest application of international power projection by the US in the post-Cold War era, entailing as it does nothing less than the ability to conduct naval surveillance, interdiction and eventually unbridled military action in all the world’s oceans.

Following and supplementing Operation Enduring Freedom and its six areas of responsibility from South Asia to the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and the NATO prelude to and prototype of the Proliferation Security Initiative, so-called Operation Active Endeavor which has for over seven years now placed the entire Mediterranean Sea under its control, the PSI is a military operation unilaterally devised and implemented by Washington without prior consultation with the nations and peoples in the targeted areas.

And like Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Active Endeavor (in the second category that follows), its self-proclaimed mission is unlimited in geographical scope and in historical time.

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