Bush’s War Totals, By John Tirman

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By John Tirman
The Nation
February 02, 2009

We are now able to estimate the number of Iraqis who have died in the war instigated by the Bush administration. Looking at the empirical evidence of Bush’s war legacy will put his claims of victory in perspective. Of course, even by his standards — “stability” — the jury is out. Most independent analysts would say it’s too soon to judge the political outcome. Nearly six years after the invasion, the country remains riven by sectarian politics and major unresolved issues, like the status of Kirkuk.

We have a better grasp of the human costs of the war. For example, the United Nations estimates that there are about 4.5 million displaced Iraqis — more than half of them refugees — or about one in every six citizens. Only 5 percent have chosen to return to their homes over the past year, a period of reduced violence from the high levels of 2005-07. The availability of healthcare, clean water, functioning schools, jobs and so forth remains elusive. According to Unicef, many provinces report that less than 40 percent of households have access to clean water. More than 40 percent of children in Basra, and more than 70 percent in Baghdad, cannot attend school.


Bush’s War Totals

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7 thoughts on “Bush’s War Totals, By John Tirman

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  4. Recently, I had the chance to see a couple of interniews with George Bush and Dick Cheney, and I just needed to see them, as I needed to have my opinion of them revalidated and confirmed, stronger than ever before, and It did. Both were confronted with the horrific consequences and ramifications of their policies and decisions that led to the death of hundreds of thousands and displacement of millions in Iraq, uselessly, and their answers, both of them, were as digraceful as can be: they both answered with a “So?”. It was as evident as can be that these guys, who claim to be avid christians, that are presumed to respect the sanctity of life, any kind of life, have no qualms whatsoever with being directly responsible for this genocide of historical proportion. I had the gut feeling that some socio-pathic serial murderers have more empathy and feelings than hese two despicable characters. I doubt very much that either of them ever lost a wink of sleep over all the agony, destruction and deaths they caused, and that saddens me as much as it infuriates and preplexes me. How on earth did we elect such pathetic ,sadistic piece of work – and twice, to add insult to injury!!
    If there were justice in the world, they’d both both standing trial now for heinous war crimes – of the worst kind, if there is such thing. Oh what poetic justice that would be, but I don’t think we are that advanced or civilized a society to make that happen – I hope I’m proven wrong on this one.

    • Thanks for your commentary, Walid. I believe both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen, but yes, we do have a divided country with many that did support these two “criminals”. Will be interesting to see if they do get arrested for war crimes.

  5. So… why were so many still in support of this war until so late? Why were there so few activated against it??

    This war was a final indictment of american culture and post-vietnam continued criminal immorality.

    For the bulk of activists in america to have been calling us anti-war types “anti-american”, well maybe that made this one a genuine member of the “blame america first” crowd, and with good reason.

    The fact that people enlisted, killed, and died for this lie, and still believe they were fighting for our ‘freedom’ only proves without question that american culture is corrupt to its core.

    Only reconciliation thus far is that the NY Times quietly fired Kristol. Which shows only that the war illicited no resistance, it just sorta went out of style.

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