Kucinich: We Should Be Going From Golden Parachutes To Golden Handcuffs!

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6 thoughts on “Kucinich: We Should Be Going From Golden Parachutes To Golden Handcuffs!

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  3. HOW bizarre has the world become that Fox News constantly goes to DK to get a dissenting opinion on bailouts??

    Lol, strange bedfellows to be sure. Yet Fox has become the only MSM outlet to take a strong negative stand against the bailouts.

    Theories about this abound: Are they using the one Congressman their core viewership “loves to hate” as a means of actually poisening them against anti-bailout rhetoric (if so it is backfiring)? Or are they legitimately against it and getting the only spokesperson they can find who’s “off the reservation” when it comes to the Fed and banks?

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