Dennis Kucinich: “US Taxpayers” Stadium

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Dennis Kucinich on CBS News 02-04-09


Dennis Kucinich: Gaza, reforming the monetary system and a plea for your support

January 12, 2009


As Congress begins, I have been leading the way towards addressing the humanitarian plight of the people of Gaza whose desperate conditions must be addressed if there is to be any chance for peace in the Middle East. I have also begun a campaign to work on the reform of our monetary system in order to bring about equity, prosperity and environmental sustainability.

I had to spend the resources you provided me with in order to retain my seat in Congress. I need your generous help again to fund our ongoing political operations including media outreach, web communications, office administration and issues campaigning.

I know these are hard times, but your contribution is essential to strengthening our efforts. Please contribute as generously as you can. Your support assures a true independent voice in Congress.

With hope and in peace,



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  1. Let’s get national funding for elections so politicians won’t always be having to seeking contributions and won’t be so subjective to the inducements of lobbyists.

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