Gareth Porter: Why you should know Gen. Jack Keane

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Gareth Porter: Anyone who wants to understand the Middle East should study Gen. Jack Keane Pt. 2/2


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Bush’s War Totals, By John Tirman

The Looming Crisis at the Pentagon – How Taxpayers Finance Fantasy Wars, By Chalmers Johnson

3 thoughts on “Gareth Porter: Why you should know Gen. Jack Keane

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  2. Can we say conflict of interest? Obeyme has enough problems without being undermined by a contingency of current and retired brass with their own conflicting agenda.

    The revolving door between the military and the industrial complex who supplies it desperately needs to be closed.

  3. War is profitable, and there is no question about it.
    Bandages, beans, blankets, and bullets.
    “Natural rythm of life is returning to Iraq”, oppression.

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