Israeli President Peres’ statements on Turkey and Iran

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4 February, 2009

“Turkey should be an answer to Iran … they offer a choice to the Middle East. I hope they will continue to do it”

[Israeli President Peres’ phone conversation with Turkey’s President Erdogan after the World Economic Forum panel discussion on Gaza, 31 January 2009]

“Many Muslims will have to make their choice between the Iranian school of domination and the Turkish school of cooperation.”

[Israeli President Shimon Peres’ speech at Oxford University, 17 November 2008]

“We see Turkey as a country striving for general harmony. While the Iranian way – I will say this loud and clear – is seen as undermining its neighbor’s hegemony. Turkey gives rise to hope, Iran gives rise to fear. This is why Turkey is vital to the Middle East and to the European Union.”

[Israeli President Shimon Peres’ speech at Turkey’s parliament, 13 November 2007]



[1] Erdogan: My anger over Gaza directed at Israeli government, not Jews

Haaretz, 1 February 2009

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International Herald Tribune, 18 November 2008

[3] President Speaks to the Parliament in Ankara, Turkey, November 13, 2007

Official Israeli Presidency website

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  2. If any country has hegemony on the mind and give rise to fear it is Israel, and, of course, the US.

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