WSF: We won’t pay for the crisis. The rich must pay!

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Climate and Capitalism
February 4, 2009

Declaration of the Assembly of Social Movements at the World Social Forum 2009, Belem, Brazil.

We the social movements from all over the world came together on the occasion of the 8th World Social Forum in Belém, Amazonia, where the peoples have been resisting attempts to usurp Nature, their lands and their cultures. We are here in Latin America, where over the last decade the social movements and the indigenous movements have joined forces and radically question the capitalist system from their cosmovision. Over the last few years, in Latin America highly radical social struggles have resulted in the overthrow of neoliberal governments and the empowerment of governments that have carried out many positive reforms such as the nationalisation of core sectors of the economy and democratic constitutional reforms.

In this context the social movements in Latin America have responded appropriately, deciding to support the positive measures adopted by these governments while keeping a critical distance. These experiences will be of help in order to strengthen the peoples’ staunch resistance against the policies of governments, corporations and banks who shift the burden of the crisis onto the oppressed. We the social movements of the globe are currently facing a historic challenge. The international capitalist crisis manifests itself as detrimental to humankind in various ways: it affects food, finance, the economy, climate, energy, population migration … and civilisation itself, as there is also a crisis in international order and political structures.


In this perspective we must contribute to the largest possible popular mobilisation to enforce a number of urgent measures such as:

  • Nationalising the banking sector without compensations and with full social monitoring,
  • Reducing working time without any wage cut,
  • Taking measures to ensure food and energy sovereignty
  • Stopping wars, withdraw occupation troops and dismantle military foreign bases
  • Acknowledging the peoples’ sovereignty and autonomy ensuring their right to self-determination
  • Guaranteeing rights to land, territory, work, education and health for all.
  • Democratise access to means of communication and knowledge.


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