US-Russia tensions escalate over closure of Afghan supply base

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By Bill Van Auken
6 February 2009

The threatened closure of a key Pentagon supply base in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, with serious implications for the Obama administration’s planned escalation of the US-led war in Afghanistan, has deepened tensions between Washington and Moscow.

The Manas air base, located near the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, is the major air link between the US military and American occupation forces in Afghanistan. Last year, at least 170,000 US military personnel passed through the base on their way to or from Afghanistan, together with 5,000 tons of military equipment. Approximately 1,000 US troops are stationed at the base, together with smaller contingents from France and Spain.


via US-Russia tensions escalate over closure of Afghan supply base.

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2 thoughts on “US-Russia tensions escalate over closure of Afghan supply base

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  2. The US needs to get out of that area of the world, irregardless of how much oil and natural gas they have. We need to stop fighting the cold war. We can’t afford it.

    If the Russians established a military base in Guatemala we would scream bloody murder. Why should it be alright for the US to ring Russia with bases and missiles?

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