subMedia: Worldwide Slave Revolts!

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This week:

1. Worldwide economic revolts
2. Bailout Blues
3. Wall 7 are Free!
4. Gore’s dire warning
5. West Bank food boycott
6. Gil Scott Heron
7. Media Elixir

WhiteFireOnBlackFire on Feb 14, 2009

submedia’s episode censored by youtube!


Chris Hedges on Obama and the rise of Fascism

It’s Not Going to Be OK, By Chris Hedges

Gaza farmers devastated by war

Arrests over Israel boycott in Tesco’s

“Same as it ever was” Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime

2 thoughts on “subMedia: Worldwide Slave Revolts!

    • Good point, Natureboy. The citizens are armed with cameras (via their cell phones) and showing what’s really going on in the world. I never leave home without my camera, just in case I need to document something.

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