What is this, the jungle? by The Other Katherine Harris

The Other Katherine Harris

by The Other Katherine Harris
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Feb. 8, 2009

I used to write small blogs, quick riffs on the day’s headlines. Being a poet by nature, I found it easy to spot jarring but apt connections. Then things began growing Really Serious about two years ago and, being also a scholar by nature, I was driven to learn about economics and finance.

Now I’m bowed under a burden of research and insight so heavy that the blogs I need to write are massive. Nothing less complex will reveal all the relevant connections. Several of those are in the works now, some having been in development for months.

It’s hard to set those projects aside, because I’m so keen to finish them, but this is a moment for listening to the little bells again.

An e-mail received yesterday invited me to join a gang of speculators who, at their pack leader’s cue, spring to short something — and U.S. Treasuries are slated to be their biggest, juiciest prey. If word of this play has filtered downwards to embrace even me, you can be certain it’s part of a mighty assault. Shorting, you know, makes visions of disaster come true. It brings down companies such as — oh, let’s see, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers — and predators shorting its currency and banks even brought down Iceland.

Remember when Paulson and the boyz declared all remaining major financial firms off-limits to shorting last fall — lest it also bite the likes of Goldman? These guys get it. And they do it.

This morning, I read of a cadre of American generals marshaling forces with Gates’ Pentagon and the media to overrule President Obama’s plans to withdraw combat troops from Iraq. Their scheme was presented dully, with no tinge of outrage, as if it’s perfectly respectable for unelected ideologues and profiteers to rule the world, scorning the public will and that of our president.

In a more civilized time, wouldn’t both of these attacks be regarded as treason?

And then there’s the TARP, yet more of the bloodyeffing TARP. Its creators now want to bestow a Bad Bank on American taxpayers (as if we weren’t cursed with more than enough evil ones).

As all these little bells ring, I see wild animals with their teeth in our throats, intent on shaking out every last penny, bleeding us fatally, soon to consume our torn carcasses at their drooling leisure.


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4 thoughts on “What is this, the jungle? by The Other Katherine Harris

  1. The Generals and Gates are basically guilty of treason. The elected commander in chief is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF. They are not in charge. I don’t necessarily agree with much of what Obeyme is doing. but I support his right to do it.

  2. great blog… we’re in a bad bad way…

    those engaged in mass finance are less than 2% of the population.. but they are definitely at least 40% of the voice in washington…

    pretty soon they’ll undo Sarbanes-Oxley…

    fucking hooverite republicans…

    one love,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

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