Israel: The War Vote

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MegaNewsbreak on Dec 9, 2012

As soon as Israel concluded its military campaign in Gaza, the country launched itself into a different campaign for elections. Inevitably, the war has featured highly in that political campaign, with many parties competing for the security vote. Israel as a nation has shifted to the right. People are disillusioned with a peace process that appears to be going nowhere. AlJazeeraEnglish Feb 9, 2009


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  4. That’s because the peace process has gone nowhere and will continue to do so as long as HAMAS is part of the equation. You can’t negotiate with terrorist animals like HAMAS; they don’t have enough accountability to be held to any terms.

    Add in the fact that Fatah can scuttle any pro-Hamas peace by launching a few rockets of their own under Hamas’ colors and you have an ongoing recipe for failure – and one that doesn’t even need the ongoing interference from Iran and Syria.

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