Onward, Christian Zionists

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Christian Zionists believe that in order to fulfill Biblical prophecy, Israel must conquer most of the Middle East. They are a growing force in American politics with ties to many powerful pro-Israel groups in Washington. Once considered a marginal doctrine among evangelicals, the dispensationalist theology of Christian Zionism includes a belief in the rapture, when the faithful are to be lifted up to Heaven while the rest of humanity—including most of the Jews—will perish.


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10 thoughts on “Onward, Christian Zionists

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    • Thanks for the link, Irving.

      As a Jew and a believer in Jesus, I’m more than outraged at these people who call themselves “Christians” who are essentially praying for the end of the world via nukes. They scare me to death.

  6. “This is exactly why we must deny organized religion any place in politics.”

    How do you propose to do that? And in whose politics? Like it or not, the US cannot run the world. It cannot dictate how any sovereign nation can practice its politics.

    Nor, in a truly free country, can any religious person be denied the right to participate in politics or run for office. People’s beliefs come from many sources and religion is only one of them. The way it is supposed to work in a democracy is, you vote for the people who share your beliefs.

    I don’t know why there is such an uptick in the number of right-wing Christians participating in politics in the US. Maybe all those radio and TV preachers have something to do with it. Maybe it’s the same feeling of frustration and impotence as, say, the Muslims feel in places such as Palestine and others where they are marginalized, poor and feeling hopeless. If you have a look at the people who support these “prosperity preachers,” you will see the poor, uneducated and marginalized.

    The danger here is not religion. It is poverty and powerlessness that cause people to grasp a fundamentalist or extreme philosophy or belief system. They do it in the hopes of empowering themselves. If these people do not use religion for this purpose, they will use something else that could be even worse.

  7. THIS explains the whole mess.

    This is the evangelical mood of amerigaah that’s colored my whole adult life, since the moral majority, Reagan, etc.

    This is so scary. Whether it’s a ‘precise’ interpretation of scripture or not, it’s very real and literal in the minds of masses, and explains so much of why we are at perpetual war in the Middle East.

    This is exactly why we must deny organized religion any place in politics. To think cultists like these actually now have the tools to bring about Armageddon! Is not this idea of the ‘rapture’, and of actually promoting it through political action as deranged as the idea of the after-life dates and virgins of the muslim ‘martyrs’?

    So slimy of jewish zionists to align with these miscreants. An ‘unholy alliance’ indeed.

    So incredibly slimy of John McCain, or any political official to have allied with Hagee to get the votes of his deranged flock, believers or not.

    This is why evangelicals, born-again’s, televangelists and their alliance with the GOP, their vast voting power, monetary power, and mass hypnosis which so clearly colors american foreign policy are so dangerous.

    Jewish Zionists are already so scary, but they’d be so much less ‘effective’ without the USA. Those who would blame the entire palestinian problem, and the international hazard of the middle-east morass on jewish zionists fail to see who gives them their teeth:

    It’s clearly these Protestant Dispensationalists, Born Again christian zionists who have implanted pawns in the highest places in the USA, and who have their claws on US foreign policy, that sponsors so much of the zionist, nuclear-tipped world-wide monstrosity of middle-east, militaristic mania.

    Thanks for this very ‘enlightening’ post.

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