Obama administration defends torturers

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by Bill Van Auken
10 February 2009

All of the Obama administration’s rhetoric about “change you can believe in,” government transparency and democratic ideals went up in smoke Monday morning in a San Francisco federal courtroom.

A federal attorney representing President Barack Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, rose to announce that the new administration will be standing pat on the position taken by George Bush and his Justice Department in a case involving some of the most heinous crimes of the previous administration.

Like his predecessor, Obama is invoking the state secrets privilege to quash a case brought on behalf of individuals who were abducted by the CIA, held in secrecy and without charges and transported to third countries to be interrogated under torture.


via Obama administration defends torturers.

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5 thoughts on “Obama administration defends torturers

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  2. When Obama was running for election, I could see he was just another politico, jockeying for votes by saying what the people wanted to hear.

    Now he’s beginning to prove it.

  3. Well said, Natureboy.

    But it is no surprise. It is embarrassing and inconvenient for Obama’s administration to be seen cleaning up too many of Bush’s messes. This is called “moving forward.”

  4. Pat Leahy posturing aired tonight on Maddow, another great interview with Jonathan Turley on Keitho confirming we will all be complicit if we fail to prosecute botchco for warcrlimes.

    If amerigaah refuses to prosecute, we are all complicit in war crimes.

    For a religious nation, there is apparently no morality. What does this say about believers?

    For a land of laws, what does this say about complicity in crime?

    If we fail to prosecute the prior administration, then we are a nation of war criminals, and never again can any military enlistee say they are fighting for ‘rights’, when what they are fighting for is wrong, by our own admission, on the record, at Geneva.

    Love it or leave it? What is left to love. America is the beautiful but the USA sucks.

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