Cardoso, Gaviria, Zedillo Urge Obama to Decriminalize Marijuana

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By Joshua Goodman
Feb. 11 (Bloomberg)

Former presidents of Brazil, Mexico and Colombia said the U.S.-led war on drugs has failed and urged President Barack Obama to consider new policies, including decriminalizing marijuana, and to treat drug use as a public health problem.

The recommendations by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, along with Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, were made in a report today by the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy.

Among the group’s proposals ahead of a special United Nations ministerial meeting in Vienna to evaluate global drug policy is a call to decriminalize the possession of cannabis for personal use.

“We need to break the taboo that’s blocking an honest debate,” Cardoso said at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro to present the report. “Numerous scientific studies show that the damage caused by marijuana is similar to that of alcohol or tobacco.”


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4 thoughts on “Cardoso, Gaviria, Zedillo Urge Obama to Decriminalize Marijuana

  1. The crime is that people[adults] can not self-determine, people must be dependant. Fear is the best control factor. This country was built on hemp production til hemp[marijuana] was made Illegal by the Federal Reserve[DEA] police.
    The economy was not controlled by Dollars, but was free trade, which was not completley and totally taxed. With the hemp farmers[family] destroyed, the economy became dependant on Hourly wage manufaturing employees, where the taxes were collected before the wage was paid.
    Now manufacturing has been out-source to third world counties, were labor costs are lower. The food is free-traded across the borders, so now food farmer’s[family] are again being attacked by cheap imported foods[Inspected?].
    It is time for the people to demand that the land be used for production of a profitable crop, instead of being developed into commercial properties like Malls, and parking lots
    2/3’s of our economy is based on consumption[credit], and 1/3 on production[earnings].
    When you consume more than you need someone else must go without{haiti, somolia, darfur ect.??}
    The only thriving industry in America[besides banking which is usury] is Illegal, whats the matter with this picture?
    U ? Authority.

  2. Most all the drug related violence in Mexico is done with guns smuggled into Mexico from the US! Where is the war on arms smuggling?

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