Dennis Trainor: The End Of America

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President Obama’s stimulus package is intended not only to shore up the economy, but the U.S. psyche. The American Dream itself. But what if we euthanize the American Dream?


Divided United States map


Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of U.S.

State Sovereignty Resolutions Introduced

The End of America (full video; Naomi Wolf)

11 thoughts on “Dennis Trainor: The End Of America

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  3. Texas is ready to be the Republic of Texas once again. It’s in our Constitution. The split won’t be anything like this Russ predicts. If anything, California will just wake up and realize they were already Mexifornia. Many states with large populations of peoples of faith and bitter clingers to the US Constitution as it was intended, as well as the free enterprise system that once made America great, are ready to join TX should this Secession ever occur. Oh, but never linger under the delusion that this will be bloodless. Freedom was never free, but it has always been worth fighting for.

      • Actually Texas technically still belongs to the Apache, Comanche and other tribes that lived there for thousands of years before Spaniards & gun-totin’ confederate cowboys staked their ill-gotten claim.

        But by all means, let the Texans have their bizarre state of gunmongering cultist beef-rustlers. Good riddance!

        They can take with them their confederate red-stated miscreants along with Waco, the Branch Davidians, Warren Jeffs, the LDS, Phil Graham, Alberto Gonzales, All the Bushes, LBJ, Kenneth Copeland, Neiman Marcus and Alex Jones.

        Good luck with those Mexican drugsters… but hey, y’all always luved yer gunz!

        Without Molly Ivins, there is absolutely no redeeming value to the existence of the state of texas.

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  5. The world would be a lot safer with a break-up and the integration the Military Industry Complex has achieved would be thwarted.

  6. Hmm.. Interesting.. But hopefully not! I went to Miami last summer and NYC a couple weeks ago and I think America is great as it is! Can’t imagine what it’d be like if the above were actually to happen, can you? *shudders*

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