Jewish Activists Protest World Zionist Organization

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Jewish Activists Protest World Zionist Organization

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Here in New York, a group of Jewish activists have been staging a twenty-four-hour protest in front of the Midtown Manhattan building that houses the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency. Jane Hirschmann helped organize the event.

Jane Hirschmann: “My parents were Holocaust survivors. And when I was a young girl, they taught me that it was important to have a Jewish homeland. But I question all that, because if getting a Jewish homeland means that you have to persecute 750,000 Palestinians and remove them from their land to get the state of Israel and then to continue for sixty years to persecute other people to control their air, their land, their sea, to control their water, to decide where they can go and when they can go, to put up barbed wire and keep them behind a wall, then I don’t want my children to grow up learning that because you’ve been persecuted in the past, you have a right to persecute others. And that’s why I’m standing here today as a Jew.”

Other protesters included the artist Abigail Levine.

Abigail Levine: “I don’t feel conscionable with this senseless violence being perpetuated in the name of the Jewish people and Jewish culture. And in one of the centers of the Jewish community in the world, here in New York, I feel like we have to stand up and say no to the occupation and no to violence against Palestinians. These people have a right to a humane existence and to education and to a decent home, like we demanded in our history.”

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7 thoughts on “Jewish Activists Protest World Zionist Organization

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  5. These ladies definitely won’t pass Lieberman’s loyalty litmus test!

    Antizionist jews, like ‘america-hating americans’, are bound to be marginalized and mocked by an israeli CULTure that has clearly gone fascist.

    There is little to be done with a nuclear-armed nation convinced of its right to lawless dominion at the expense of the rest (we here in the USA have been at that for 60 years, ‘hope & change’ notwithstanding). They will rule the region with an iron fist, blacklisting any who disagree (and you don’t wanna tangle with the mossad!).

    It’s no wonder Israel considers itself the ’51st state’.

    Were I a Palestinian, or an israeli for that matter, I’d sadly have to become a political refugee and flee.

    Let the Israelis do their own dirty-work, isolate it, depopulate it, deprive it of its second-class Arab workers, and see what ‘herenrasse’ they remain then. Luckily Israel is small enough to isolate and avoid, and divorce from the community of civilized nations.

    It sure would be helpful to peace, justice and the rule of international law if the USA stopped giving them $millions every day…

  6. I always believed that it would be the wise & compassionate Jews that would find a solution to the Israeli/Palestine conflict. It won’t be a highly skilled negotiator. It will be the Jewish people themselves.

    I only wonder what has taken them so long.

  7. I just love it, and I consider it one for the good guys when those who belong technically with the other camp, have the rare courage to stand up and take a conscionable stand for what’s right and against what’s wrong. It takes a big person, in the noblest sense of the word, to be able to do that , and not many of those, sadly, have had the courage to come out against Israel’s atrocious policies and practices, which in every sense of humanity should shame jews, jews of courage, conscience and principles, who are mired and tarnished badly with what Israel does and the way it acts in the name of Jews. I’m an Arab and a Muslim, yet I abhore and reject all sorts of violence against innocent civilians regardless of the reason, for nothing justifies it. You can’t right the wrong by another wrong act. I believe the extemists among us Muslims and among you Jews shame humanity, themselves, their religion, and no God would approve of their conduct. I salute, with utmost respect and appreciation, the Jewish activists who dared to say “No!” to Israel and its shameful acts.

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