9 arrested by terror police en route to Gaza + Gaza-bound aid van set for mammoth journey

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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14 February, 2009


UK: Three Muslims held under draconian anti terror law

Muslim News, 14 February 2009

Nine Muslims were arrested under the draconian anti terror law on the M65 motorway, near Preston, Lancashire, Friday at 9pm, according to the police.

Six were released later without charge. Three continue to be held in custody.

According to local media, pictures from the incident – courtesy of MJP Media – appeared to show two vans had been pulled over by police.

On one of the vans were signs saying ‘No Justice, no peace’, ‘Stop Killing Children’ and ‘Free Palestine’.

Another was adorned with the Palestinian flag.

“The arrests are part of an ongoing intelligence-led operation and investigation by Lancashire Constabulary and the North West Counter Terrorism Unit,” said a spokeswoman for Lancashire Police. They were arrested and held under Terrorism Act 2006.

Police say the three men are aged 36, 29 and 26.


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Gaza-bound aid van set for mammoth journey


British police have seized three vans that were due to form part of a convoy of 100 aid vehicles headed to Gaza.

The rest of the convoy, including buses and ambulances, have left the British capital, and they face a long journey ahead to reach their destination.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Smith reports.



“Viva Palestina”, pipe dream no more

By Yvonne Ridley
Press TV
Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:10:39 GMT

FIVE weeks ago, “Viva Palestina” was a pipe dream and now it is a reality as more than 100 vehicles and 300 volunteers snake their way through France heading for Gaza.

Last night the show-stopping convoy rolled off a freight ferry in Ostend to embark on a historic mission of mercy to help the Palestinian people.

I spent the ferry crossing getting to know my fellow passengers and discovered they come from all walks of life from students to pensioners, estate agents to accountants, engineers, mechanics, housewives and doctors.


Press TV is very much part of the convoy and the only TV station to be there from start to finish. Regular reports will be filed from our SNG vehicle along the route, and there’s already been some dramas and hitches.

A group who were carrying aid from communities in Blackburn were stopped by police shortly after they set off from their homes in the North of England but despite hysterical headlines in the tabloid media most have now been released and we’re told there are efforts by Manchester police to reunite the group with the convoy.


via Press TV – “Viva Palestina”, pipe dream no more


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