A nation of animal lovers closes its eyes to the massacre at the Gaza Zoo + video (graphic pics)

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Updated: 2.15.09 added video report

By Missy Comley Beattie
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Feb 9, 2009, 00:22

For days, the mainstream media talked endlessly about it. Michael Vick. Dogfighting. Blood sport. Killing animals that underperformed. Many defended the professional athlete. Others thought Vick should receive the maximum sentence after his conviction.

Some of us shook our heads, repulsed by the cruelty, but we were utterly dismayed that so many people who expressed outrage over Vick’s crime, seemed to pay little or no attention to the killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, we’re a nation of animal lovers. And, we’re enamored of our sports heroes. Certainly, the Michael Vick/dog abuse narrative was a juicy plate of filet mignon for infotainment peddlers to place upon our television trays. These are the same “reporters” who seldom mention US troop deaths and who never talk about the estimated million plus Iraqi civilians who have died since the occupation of Iraq.

So, why, then, given our attraction to animal stories, were news anchors silent on the massacre at the Gaza Zoo by Israeli troops who shot and killed caged animals during Israel’s recent assault on Gaza?


via A nation of animal lovers closes its eyes to the massacre at the Gaza Zoo.




This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

A Day At The Zoo… (warning graphic pics)


From Uruknet

9 thoughts on “A nation of animal lovers closes its eyes to the massacre at the Gaza Zoo + video (graphic pics)

  1. It was done to demoralize the population. There was no legitimate military strategy behind it, just viciousness and a desire to inflict cruelty on something defenseless. That is what the IDF does to the Palestinians every day.

  2. A sin indeed if there ever was one.

    When you mention ‘destroying food crops’ I immediately think of all the DU blowing in the wind throughout the region…

    This is sewing the fields with salt for real, and every living thing will suffer the effects of it forever.

    The USA and Israel need to extricate themselves from the region and pay massive reparations.

  3. I have made this comment on digg.com, and I will repeat it here.

    One of the biggest reasons those animals were killed is because the Zionist soldiers know two things: that the animals were largely brought into Gaza via the smuggling tunnels, and because in Islam, killing animals in warfare is a sin, as is damaging trees, plants and destroying food crops. The Zionist army did all of those things.

    It was a profound heartbreak for the people of Gaza, especially the families who enjoyed the zoo.

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  6. Not unlike the disaster of the Baghdad zoo…

    Meat-eaters simply love to kill things, and those who love to kill things are likely soldiers and meat-eaters at their bloodthirsty cores.

    Thank you for publicizing this insane atrocity.

    Hardly is the USA a nation of animal lovers… puppy-mill promoters perhaps, but we invented the factory farm, and eat more meat off the broken bones of sentient mammals than most other nations combined.

    The vegetarian zionist is about as rare as the pacifist zionist. Israelis have about as much respect for mammals as Argentinean gauchos.

    Shooting a mother and baby monkey is murder worse than warmongering, for they are truly innocent, never even threw a rock at a tank.

    • Good points, Natureboy. There are plenty of so called “animal lovers” who also choose to consume animals.

      Nothing makes me more upset than animal abuse, and these atrocities need to be investigated, and charges filed for war crimes, imo.

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