Naomi Wolf: No mass activism? No “America”

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Naomi Wolf – ‘Fake’ Activism

Worldwide Feminism on Jul 22, 2010

Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, argues that bureaucracy has killed effective protesting because mass social protests in the U.S. now have a feeling of “Disneyland activism.”

“It feels fake, because it is fake,” she says.


Naomi Wolf: Not Even Obama Can Take On Special Interests



Full video: – Naomi Wolf at the Hudson Union Society


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4 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf: No mass activism? No “America”

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  4. The last ‘mass demonstration’ I recall in the USA was the Nuclear Freeze march in NYC ca 1982. It was huge, like half a million, yet I don’t think it has even a Wikipedia page.

    More people turn out to watch the ball drop.

    There were many marches against the US covert wars in Latin America, to little if any effect.

    The run-up to the Iraq invasion so saw intense turnout, with no effect whatsoever. The cops were well trained to be lying goons, intentional idiots, paid by our taxes to lie and abuse. There is no humanity left in Bloomberg’s police force, they just laugh like gangsters. The cities have been changed from the realm of real people, to a culture of ‘sex and the city’ shoppers, rich NYU kids and ‘cougars that lunch’. Only perhaps as the cash drains from the culture, and Bloomberg’s endless co-op high-rises remain empty, will there be any grit brought back into the culture of America.

    People turning out en-masse at the capital would only be an opportunity for face-recognition databases of likely ‘terrorists’ and troublemakers…

    It has been grueling watching Cindy & Code Pink, required by conscience act out to no avail, devoted and righteous as they are.

    It seems marching, at least in the anti-war mode, has been defused as an effective mode of social change, largely because the populace doesn’t apparently care enough to stop ‘business as usual’ for any cause unless there’s a sale at Saks. To have a populist movement you’d need a population. The best we’ve come up with is Obamaism, which seems like a sort of consumerism. It’s not surprising marches have been ‘neutered’, American culture is completely molded in pleasantly colored plastic.

    Things may change as the comfort-level declines.

    I’ve not read her books, but Naomi Wolf, for all her feminist evolution from anti-objectification to the hooking-up of the moment remains highly hot, a very sexy mind, which she knows and flaunts to great effect.

    I hope she’s wrong about impending fascism (the people’s fault through complicity, perhaps it’s not the oligarchy that wants to close democracy but the people themselves who crave control), and certainly can’t agree with her support of Ron Paul. The part about seeing jesus as a 13-year-old boy during meditation seems a bit San Francisco to me, but who am I to say…

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