US activists urge boycott of Israeli companies + To boycott or not

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International outrage at the war on Gaza has triggered calls to boycott, divest and sanction Israel.

Just this week, student activists at a small US college said they persuaded their university to divest from corporations that support Israeli occupation.

A movement like the one that ended South African apartheid may be tough to build in the US. But it could be gathering steam.

Al Jazeera’s Josh Rushing reports from New York city.


The following 3 posts are from Jewish Peace News:

To boycott or not, and if not, then what?

Contents of this Jewish Peace News post:

1) Responses to the call for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, by JPN editors Lincoln Shlensky, Judith Norman, Racheli Gai, and Rela Mazali

2) JPN reader Dr. Naftali Kaminski’s response to the call for a US academic and cultural boycott of Israel

3) JPN reader Dr. Aharon Eviatar’s response to Adrienne Rich’s letter on the boycott (with a response by JPN editor Racheli Gai)



Letter from one of the organizers of the British boycott

Dear readers,

This post is the last in what turned out to be a mini-series on the issue of academic and cultural boycott of Israel – pro and con.

We will not pursue this further right now because we are not, and don’t aim to become, a BDS discussion list.

I find the letter from Mike Cushman really valuable – because it comes from one of the actual organizers of the British campaign, and it sheds some extra light on some issues brought up in previous entries.

I will close with a short response by Lincoln Shlensky.

This discussion has been very valuable for me and for my fellow editors. I hope it has also been useful for you the reader.


A letter from Mike Cushman

I write as a member of BRICUP , the UK
organisation that promotes the academic and cultural boycott initiative and as a member of the Universities and Colleges Union who spoke for the motions on relationships with Israeli universities at both the 2007 and 2008 congresses.



Adrienne Rich explains her support for the US Campaign for a Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel

The issue of boycotting Israel — especially academic and cultural boycott — is a hot button one. I can testify to it from the responses I got after I’d sent the call to action to a number of lists: some recipients were quite angry.

Here is a supportive response from one of JPN’s readers, Adrienne Rich.

I think it’s worth sharing not simply because it supports my position, but because it conveys so well the struggle many go through before they can reach the conclusion that this type of action is necessary.

–Racheli Gai


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