Ivan Eland: Afghanistan will see no stability

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Increase of U.S. contingent wont bring stability to Afghanistan says Ivan Eland, senior fellow at the Independent Institute, Washington DC.


President Obama: Afghanistan IS Still Winnable

17,000 More U.S. Troops Being Sent To Afghanistan + Afghans fear more US air attacks

8 thoughts on “Ivan Eland: Afghanistan will see no stability

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  6. Good point.
    It was only after Ollie’s escapade that crack hit the streets.

    But is the Taliban good for Afghanistan?
    The Afghans must decide. The blowing up of the Buddha was crime against culture and history, they are extreme indeed.

    The more muslims harmed and angered in these occupation.invasions, the more likely retaliation and terror (for real this time).

  7. The US intervention has created a huge freedom fighting force in Afghanistan who want the foreigners to leave. The Taliban had almost completely eliminated drug production in the country.

    Using drug interdiction as an excuse to continue this folly is a lie, and a stupid one at that.

    If one wants to stop drug production in Afghanistan, the CIA needs to be removed from the country.

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