RNC Protesters Tried on Terrorism Charges Despite Acknowledgment They Didn’t Commit Alleged Acts

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Last September in St. Paul, Ramsey County prosecutors formally charged eight members of the group RNC Welcoming Committee with conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism. The criminal complaints reportedly do not allege that any of the defendants personally engaged in any act of violence or damage to property. Instead, authorities are seeking to hold them responsible for acts committed by other individuals during the RNC’s opening days. We speak to one of the defendants, Luce Guillen-Givins, and RNC 8 Attorney Jordan Kushner. [includes rush transcript]

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7 thoughts on “RNC Protesters Tried on Terrorism Charges Despite Acknowledgment They Didn’t Commit Alleged Acts

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  3. This is just another way to demoralize and contribute to a moratorium on any dissent of the government that is clearly the United Corporations of America, and the government by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations. People no longer matter, nor does nature. This is a nightmare in all its horror. Greed multiplied to such an extent that even the wealthy have been duped by the Bernie Madoff’s. Society of the cheaters and the cheated where everyone suffers. This is what becomes when philosophy is replaced with religions that divide and bear no truth, and there is nothing but gross self interest and materialism underlying every facet of life. Welcome to the fall of the Roman Empire revisited, but this time with the potential to end all life forms due to the materialistic conquest of the psychotic industrialists whose short sighted visions of the past, spawned us all a future that could not last.

  4. It is interesting to note that the US is the only alleged democracy that allows conspiracy charges. All other supposed ly free countries don’t allow conspiracy charges because they are aware of how easily these type of laws can be used to squash dissent.

  5. Shame, shame, shame, we just can’t have people practicing their civil/constitutional rights on the streets, this could incite other citizens to practice their civil/constitutional rights too.
    Then what would “law norder” do ? Arrest the nation ?
    “…among them are, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..”.
    It makes one happy to dissent, for a wrong, is wrong, regardless of the symantics.
    War is not peace, oppression is not freedom, poverty is not prosperity, brutality is not tranquility, prohibition is not Justice, apathy is not welfare.
    “We hold these truths to be self evident…”

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