Viva Palestina (The Gaza Convoy) + UK releases 3 Viva Palestina members

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The New Feature Documentary Film, by Fourman Films. Shot Edited and uploaded on Valentines Weekend 2009. Covering the Valentines Day London Departure of a massive convoy of trucks ambulances and millions in Humanitarian Aid all gathered by thousands of ordinary people from Great Britain in the past fortnight.

Most of the media did not cover this event prefering to cover the arrest of 9 people under anti terror legislation. All but three of them have so far been released. there has been hundreds of thousands of British people searched under this legislation.

Only one in every 400 stop and searches carried out under sweeping anti-terrorism laws leads to an arrest. While almost all of those arrested are Muslims, the majority of those so far convicted appear to be non-Muslims. Only three Muslims have actually been convicted under the 2000 Act and two of them have been given leave to appeal their convictions. Six of those convicted under the Terrorism Act 2000 are white and were convicted for offences such as wearing a ring or carrying a flag with the symbols of banned Loyalist organisations.

The 2000 Act makes it illegal even to wear a T-shirt supporting a banned organisation. A further two non-Muslims have been convicted under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001, one for sending a racist letter containing white powder to the office of Mohammad Sarwar MP.

The Timing of these new arrests the night before Viva Palestina and the subsequent non reporting of the amazing actions of the Humanitarians featured in this film raises questions about the manipulation of the press by taxpayer funded government agencies.

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UK releases three Viva Palestina members

compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
20 February, 2009

Press TV, 20 February 2009

British police release three members of the Viva Palestina aid convoy destined for Gaza after their terror link charges were dropped.

The three men, aged 26, 29 and 36 from Burnley, Lancashire, were arrested on February 13 as they were driving on a motorway to leave Britain as part of a £1 million aid convoy, organized by former Labor lawmaker George Galloway, to the beleaguered Palestinian strip.

Nine men had been initially apprehended while driving in two vans on the M65 westbound motorway near Preston. Six of the detainees were later released without charges.

One of the two vans surrounded by police vehicles bore an image of the Palestinian flag on its side while the other had signs reading Stop Killing Children, Free Palestine and From Blackburn to Gaza.

The motorway was closed for a short period of time and a number of vehicles were also seized.

“Viva Palestina” comprises of more than 100 vehicles which left London and boarded ferries from Ramsgate in Kent, to Ostend, Belgium, en route to Gaza. The convoy includes 12 ambulances and a fire engine, and carries medicine, tools, clothes, blankets and shoeboxes full of children’s treats.

The convoy needs to travel 5,000 miles through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt before arriving at Rafah in Gaza early next month.

Following the arrests, anti-terror police raided five Burnley residences where the detainees lived. One front door was removed from its hinges as police entered the house, mail online reported.

The Burnley Three, who were released from police custody without being charged on Feb. 19, are now on their way to join the rest of the convoy.

“Viva Palestina” members cheered upon receiving the news and shouted “Allahu Akbar” in joy, Press TV correspondent Yvonne Ridley, who accompanies the Gaza aid convoy, reported.

“The so-called anti terror raid made huge headlines in the British media … I wonder if the convoy gets the same amount of newsprint and airtime devoted to this good news story to redress the balance. I doubt it,” she added.

According to Ridley, the other six men who were briefly detained last Friday are now headed for Tunisia in three vehicles laden with humanitarian supplies for the people of Gaza.

* To read Yvonne’s intriguing account of her experiences en route to Gaza check out the Features and Reflections section of Gaza Under “Siegefire”.


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