Netanyahu aims for national unity

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By Ron Kampeas
February 20, 2009

(JTA) — Israeli President Shimon Peres invited Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next government.

After hearing from Peres Friday, Netanyahu, who leads the Likud Party, immediately invited Tzipi Livni, the leader of the Kadima Party, and Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor Party, to form a national unity government.

Such a government would help Netanyahu hew to a centrist foreign policy and sustain peace negotiations with the Palestinians and the Syrians.


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5 thoughts on “Netanyahu aims for national unity

  1. Zionism is the curse of the Middle East. Electing a right-wing hate-monger as Prime Minister, allied to even more extreme elements (almost an impossibility) is setting the scene for more conflict and possibly an attack on any state with a nuclear capacity deemed to be a threat. It worries me that the only mushrooms in the Middle East could be those produced by nukes. And I am not anti-Israel.

  2. I know of no country or culture or people in the world, where Its leadership is outright extremist, racist and have no qualms whatsoever with senseless intentional killing of innocent civilians, except for Israel. And now with its new leadership of the top of the Zionist pyramid of hatred, cruelty and racism, Netanyahu, and his creepy, unholy alliance with Lieberman, a fascist person whom no decent person with conscience and morality would let in his house, we can expect more atrocities and senseless killing, and forget about any remote chance of making any sort of peace, not that there was a realistic chance of it before. The sad irony is that the world sits idle on the sidewalk watching the world’s last despicable fortress of apartheid commit acts of genocide, that would be so strongly condemned and opposed if it were committed by any country other than Israel. Israeli fascist leadership feels free to act with impunity and no one can touch them, and that they are above any law there is. Israel has been for a long time a moralistic and ethical pariah, and the world has been impotent, incapable nor willing to stop it and deliver it a stern message that it doesn’t live on this planet alone and that there are rules of civilized behavior, decency and morality that apply to all, including Israel – and that the world in this time and age doesn’t accept property deeds from God any more that give them the right to slaughter another people and kick them out of their land. The world has paid over and over for what Hitler did to the Jews, and will not allow their suffering to be exploited by these fanatic sociopaths in Israel , with all due respect to the true holocaust victims, especially the permit to act immorally, and that licence to butcher and pillage has already expired and is unrenewable; And the world, especially the U.S, need to notify them of that, and that lawlessness, that they got used to and relished, will no longer be tolerated by anyone.

  3. Cold-blooded arrogant meat-eating killer.

    Bad seed. Bad people. Bad arrogant cold-blooded slimy culture.

    And yes, as a jew I can say this about these militaristic zionists.

    All is now over with sentimentality for israel. That seige of Gaza changed everything. Forever.

    I don’t want to talk to nor see any israeli, except for the rare individual who refuses to serve, and refuses to live in there.

    Either you are an anti-zionist jew, or you are a cultist cold-blooded creep.

    I want these people to get it: I am not your brother!

    There is absolutely nothing particularly special by birthright about these walk-to-worship cold-blooded killing zionists.

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