Royal Bank of Scotland – Give Us Back Our F****** Money

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Warning: This Video Report Contains Strong Language

williampine on May 21, 2009

If you go to work everyday, 9-5 and then hand over about a quarter of your income to the government every month and you’re not angry about the current banking F-up, then you’re either one of the financial or political elite that have been ripping off the world since time immemorial, or you’re a snivelling, subservient little slave and you deserve all the subjugation you get. Our government is bailing the banks out to the tune of £500 billion! Yes, that’s £500 billion! To put that in perspective, we give roughly £5.4 billion a year to international aid.

One of the major beneficiaries of this money is the Royal Bank of Scotland, which just made 2,300 people (mostly low-level employees obviously) redundant last week and is said to be considering cutting a further 20,000 employees. As we all know, this mess is down to utterly irresponsible banking practices and the macho behaviour of idiots like Sir Fred Goodwin (former chief exec of RBS) who last year ‘beat’ Barclays in a bidding battle for the utterly worthless and debt-ridden Dutch bank ABN Amro with an offer of €71bn (£49m) for no other reason than that he wanted to prove that he had a bigger dick than Barclays chief executive John Varley. And yet Sir Fred took home £4.2m in 2007, including a £2.86m bonus, and Brown refuses to take away his knighthood.

Despite this massive bailout, RBS has announced that it would still pay out £1 billion in bonuses and revealed that it would use money from the bailout fund to pay sports stars £200 million a year to promote their incompetent brand. Zara Phillips, the horse riding granddaughter of the Queen, will be paid £4 million while her brother Peter runs the bank’s £20 million sponsorship of the Williams Formula One team. A spokeswoman for Zara has said that: “RBS has made no move to renegotiate the contract.”

What is even more shocking is that RBS (and the rest of them) continue to maintain subsidiaries in tax-free havens like the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory and the fifth largest financial centre on the planet although they measure less than 100 square miles. Lawyers and accountants make up a tenth of the 52,000 population. Because of tax havens like this it is estimated that each year the US may lose a total of about $100bn in potential taxes, France about $50bn, Germany $30bn, the UK between $20bn and $80bn. But worst of all, the developing world loses up to $800bn in stolen capital because of the criminal behaviour of banks like RBS.

This really is the sort of shit that should spark a mass revolt, but then the majority of the population are far too concerned with either the Premier League, Americas Next Top Model or their sad, ends-meet ‘careers’ to really get up in arms about it.

In a follow up to our Fishing for Bankers film we decided to have a whip-round outside the offices of RBS for a new charitable organisation called GBFMYC (Give us Back our Fucking Money You Cunts). All money collected went to the Red Cross. Thank you to the guy from the corner shop who let us borrow his Red Cross tin.

Filmed and edited by William Pine and Heydon Prowse with Carmen Fishwick and Kieron Monks.


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16 thoughts on “Royal Bank of Scotland – Give Us Back Our F****** Money

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  6. Hahahahaha absolutely brilliant.

    That ‘law enforcement officer’ at the end really knows NOTHING does he. I mean, what exactly is offensive about an ACRONYM? The girl said it perfectly ‘which is the offensive word’ but as usual the window licking retard couldn’t answer even that simple question.

    The fact of the matter is this won’t last. Eventually so many things will happen that will start directly impacting on the sheeple’s impoversihed lifestyles and soon enough they will piss enough people off to incite enough of an emotional response to actually go out and so something – this I feel is a statistical fact.

    But as always things will go by as they are doing. As more and more people lose interest in the people around them and become more and more absorbed into their own lives and interests they don’t care. As long as they have a roof over their heads why should they care. It’s all living and thinking for the short-term. Fools.

    Execllent video again by the way and you are to be commended for what you’ve done. Thank you personally from me.

  7. Dandi,
    Offensive, Offensive, depends too whom.
    How bout robbing the citizens of their future, isn’t that offensive.
    Of course the nice institution’s used words like Bail-out, or Rescue, Loan, so the kind bobby dosen’t know, he too, has been offended, its called robbery, blok

  8. Compare that RBS ‘purchase’ to JP Morgan Chase’s ‘purchase’ of Washington Mutual (assets c. 170 billion) for 1.7 Billion …. thats 1% of asset base…. JP MOrgan Chase more or less OWN the Iraqi Central Bank, for which they rewarded Tony Blair with a part-time job that nets the bastard close to $1 million annually……

    This whole banking scenario is by design and intent a way of destroying the re-emergence of socially responsible Governance by bankrupting Governments, in preparation for ????

    It’s a HUGE and historically consistent transfer of wealth and resources, from people to POWER and the solution is not to give the banks money, is not to buy their shares, and is certainly not more war (Afghanistan, Iran etc etc) and ever surer the solution will not emanate from current Governments of Industrialised Countries (who are all in hock to Industry and Banking)….

    Love that video… and it’s that kind of fearlessness that we must encourage in our communities….

  9. You are right of course, the city which clearly includes the banks is driven by massive egos, short-termism and power. However, they are using, or more accurately, losing our money, either indirectly via our pensions, or as now, through our taxes. The fact that not one of the city traders or bankers who invested for the short-term, banked their bonuses and then said “not me guv”, have been fired or sued for the return of their bonuses is simply amazing.

    No wonder we are so p***** off.

  10. The RBS takeover of toxic ABN AMRO will surely go down in financial history as the worst deal EVER struck. A premium of 75% over its perceived fair value was paid on the day – which shocked observers even then. And the then UK Chancellor, now PM, Gordon Brown was very well aware of it and did nothing to stop that disaster in the making. Now the world is reaping the consequences of that and other fiascos.

    Great video. The police had a bit of a sense of humour failure in public but I bet they were secretly saluting the gutsy woman who had the nerve to wear the T-shirt out on the streets of our UK police state.

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