US expands new detention centre

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As the US moves to shut down Guantanamo Bay, another detention facility at Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase is being expanded amid fears that Washington is likely to press ahead with off-shore detention of “enemy combatants”.

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3 thoughts on “US expands new detention centre

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  3. George Bush put this expansion of Bagram into motion last year. Obama certainly has the power to stop it, but it is too convenient to keep the project going, and because it is so far away from the public eye, and completely out of the jurisdiction of US courts, we are back where we started.

    How ironic, in a way, that Amnesty International and other human rights groups rejoiced when Obama announced the closing of Gitmo, but didn’t have the critical sense to see that he would just substitute the new Bagram for the old Gitmo.

    Closing Gitmo was nothing more than a PR stunt by Obama, clumsy as it turned out to be. Now we see that he’s no better than Bush, but somehow, I’m not surprised.

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