Bill Moyers Journal: Robert G. Kaiser on Money and Politics

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Bill Moyers Journal
February 20, 2009

Robert G. Kaiser

Robert G. Kaiser has been following Beltway politics for THE WASHINGTON POST for nearly 50 years. This week on the Journal, Bill Moyers talks with Kaiser about his new book, SO DAMN MUCH MONEY: THE TRIUMPH OF LOBBYING AND THE CORROSION OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.

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Bill Moyers Interviews Robert G. Kaiser

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2 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: Robert G. Kaiser on Money and Politics

  1. Money and politics have never been separable, not even in the cleanest of scenarios, and have such intertwined, symbiotic relationship, and it seems that one way or another, it will always be this way. Money is used to influence politicians, as always has been the case, in order to make more money and gain more power – simply an investment. And politicians, likewise, need the guys with the money to be able to run or rerun for office, and for that money, they’d sell their votes, exploit the power of their office – in short, sell their souls to the highest bidder, to the devil personified in the form of money. Put these two together: money and politics, and you have unmitigated corruption at its worst, the kind that corrodes the very moral fibre of this nation, and any other nation for that matter. I’m not being overly dramatic or too idealistic about this, but our politicians are entrusted with the nation’s present and future, and are supposed to be the prime trustees on what’s best for the nation, not what serves best the lobbyists who paid them off. Obama’s Administration has made it clear, from the first day, as to where they stand on this issue, and although there was lately an appearance of relaxing that solid commitment from what they pledged to, I still have high hopes that this administration will do its best to curb the lobbyists’ appetite, reach and influence on the decision making apparatus within the U.S. government, if not the congress, which is a tougher nut to crack, but not impossible. Breaking up the unholy marriage between money and politicians and lobbyists will be one of the administrations’ toughest tasks. American people, the average Jo and Jane can make a difference in how this issue plays in Washington and to what degree this administration will be successful in this oldest game of dirty politics and the so much damn cash out there allocated to buy influence in Washington.

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