Do Americans Get “The Truth”? By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
February 21, 2009

The simple fact is that the truth is out there, but most Americans are just too lazy or too ignorant to find it. These days have been filled with “media” reports on Israel and the Palestinians and the conflict there. We have also have been barraged by this same “media” about the prospect of Israel attacking Iran. If a casual reader were to read all of the “mainstream media” reports on the Israeli/Palestinian and the Israel/Iranian events, one could conceivably come away with the mindset that Israel is a country that just wants to survive and is a “good and forthright ally of America”. In reality, this is nothing like the truth. The truth is what’s behind the motivations of our “good friend and ally, Israel”.

If any Americans wished to understand what motivated a nation to attack another nation, two things would usually come to the forefront. The first would be what is the history behind the conflict? The second would more than likely be what kind of government do the countries in conflict have? Here in America, this is a very important consideration. Most of Americans want to support a democratically elected government that treats its people with dignity and respect. We tend to frown on nations that are dictatorships that mistreat their people. The history of the conflict is usually very important to us. A nation that prefers force over negotiation, a nation that has been belligerent towards other nations is not usually favored by Americans.

Of course, the government of America has at times misrepresented the facts in order to sway its citizens into choosing to support a nation or a cause that the government feels is in its best interests. Sometimes powerful people have exerted pressure on the government to support one side or another in order to make a profit. In this day of instant information, some citizens believe that they have unfettered access to impartial, real-time information. This of course is pure fiction. Especially in the United States of all places, the “media” is generally incapable of reporting truthfully in matters that don’t generally follow the official government policy. A good case in point is the build-up to the war in Iraq. It was nearly impossible to find any information that wasn’t government-generated, and the information that was based on independent sources was usually ignored. This same scenario is alive and well when the “media” reports on Israel.

First of all, the government of Israel has become a bellicose, right-wing dominated organization that denies its Arab citizens the right to make policy or carry leadership positions. According to Stephen Lendman (Fascist Rule in Israel-ICH 20 Feb2009): “Under the law for Arabs and Jews, no candidate may challenge Israel’s fundamental Jewish character or demand equal rights, privileges, and justice. The essential Zionist identity is inviolable. The law works only for Jews. Israeli Arabs have no rights. They’re denied equal treatment and justice, even those elected to public office. Israel calls this democracy. South Africa called it apartheid. Nazi Germany called it fascism”.

The real news is out there for all Americans. The Real News Network (TRRN) is available on the internet for those that want their news in video format, and there are news sources like Information Clearinghouse and others that want the real truth. News today must be free of government subsidies or corporate control. The truth about Israel’s bellicose nature is quite evident from international news sources. We can’t as a nation use the bible as a source for the nature of Israel’s claims on foreign territory or use the holocaust as an excuse for Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestinians. While Israel claims it doesn’t want Iran to build nuclear weapons, Israel has hundreds and hasn’t even signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Why should Israel threaten war on a nation that has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, when it finds itself a nuclear rogue state? The fact that Israel used white phosphorus against Palestinian non-combatants does not bode well for Israel’s future compliance with International Law. This kind of news is what should be on our “media”. Too bad you won’t find it there.


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6 thoughts on “Do Americans Get “The Truth”? By Timothy V. Gatto

  1. It is a unique moment in broadcasting.

    Much has remained maddeningly covert. Botchco worked hard to sanitize the news, but it was out there (and especially in here, on DS…). Amy Goodman was relentless in attempting to broadcast the truth, and well represented. The Real News Network has been amazing. Al Jazeera can still be found online despite it being purged from MSM sources.

    Wartime reporting in the MSM seemed to be subverted by the phenomenon of the ’embedded journalist’, implanted to cheerlead the invasion. Watershed reporting of the past by heroic investigative journalists like Seymour Hirsch that exposed warcrimes like the My Lai Massacre were largely quashed by the MSM, it seemed.

    Especially egregious were formerly ‘hard news’ sources who championed the propaganda prior to the invasion of iraq, and loose lips were banned (Bill Maher getting canned from ABC, etc), uncooperative reporters seemed to get baited & ‘Rathered’, etc.

    Perhaps the stripping from publicity of all photos of combat deaths and injuries was particularly effective in promoting a false-positive public opinion for the war.

    Seemed like after a point the Times and TV tried to back-pedal; ‘special comments’ from Olbermann brought in ratings and the Times started publishing Op Ed opinions by Rich, Herbert, Dowd (while soon hiring Kristol to counter, big mistake).

    But fact is that apparently 50% of households chose to get their info from FOX and other obvious propaganda. The religious right held sway with a defiantly gullible population of misguided, anti-intellectual, simpleton gun-toting church-based patriotism who ‘voted’ Botch back in and supported the disaster in Iraq by as much as 72%.

    The people more than ever have alternatives, but fact is the people overwhelmingly didn’t care. They were lulled into a consumeristic shopping-spree during the war, and only now face the music for the folly of Botcho as the whole house of cards collapsed.

    If Vietnam and Contra-gate didn’t teach the populace to pay attention, and if after all that, McBomb/Impalin came so close to closing the curtain on peace and the rule of law, then there’s a problem, and it’s not with the news, it’s with the people of the USA themselves.

  2. What Tim says is true. Not only is it almost impossible to read unadulterated news from the corporate mainstream media sources, these same sources will deny that the government has anything to do with their lack of decent coverage.

    I learned a good lesson during the invasion of Iraq. I went crazy; I wondered, why isn’t there any information in these news stories, why are they so biased in our favor, what is really going on? I had just begun to look to the internet for information (just before the invasion I bought my first computer), and I discovered that, wow, many foreign newspapers have English language websites. Lo and behold, there was news….real news about what was going on, not the sanitized, nationalized, jingoized pap being peddled by the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times.

    I learned about the Iraqi casualties, the damaged buildings and homes, and some extent of the horror felt by these people, who were collateral damage from George Bush’s sick vision.

    Prior to the invasion, I learned that there was ample reason to be skeptical about the WMD’s Bush so confidently asserted were in Saddam’s arsenal. The American press had silenced the voices of the many people who said repeatedly that there were no WMD’s in Iraq, but the foreign newspapers were not under pressure to stay silent.

    Even now, I read mostly foreign news and alternative news sources. Whenever I do go back to a domestic news source, I am usually amazed at the poor quality of reportage.

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