The Iraqi Muslims who convert to Christianity

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A campaign of violence against Christians has seen thousands flee the country since 2003.

Many of those who remain have complained of intimidation and persecution.

But in some parts of Iraq, Muslims are now choosing to become Christians.

Al Jazeera’s Omar Al Saleh reports from Irbil in Northern Iraq.


Muslim Man converts to Christianity

2 thoughts on “The Iraqi Muslims who convert to Christianity

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  2. That’s not an easy part of the world to convert to Christianity in. Islam isn’t an easy religion to leave. I remember getting a rude awakening when I said you couldn’t be put to death for leaving Islam. (An American Muslim said that when I asked him and he showed me pages of proof from the different texts of Islam).

    An Iranian girl wrote back “Let me ask all the Iranians who are now dead because they chose to practice Christianity in secrecy in their own homes if you could be killed for leaving Islam.”

    It’s one thing when a Westerner says it (I expect them to only think the worst) but an entirely different thing when a Middleasterner says it. It really sinks in then.

    When I mentioned the American Muslim, She said “He must live in the West.” Another person wrote: “Which country he lives in determines how long he’ll last. Let him go to A Muslim country, declare himself an apostate and we’ll see how long he lasts.”

    Serious stuff. 😦 The Middleast needs to learn to seperate relgion from politics. I think a lot of their problems would be reduced. Not that their aren’t secular people there, there are. Socialism appeals to a lot of them. I’d imagine it has to do with their belief in “oneness”.

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