Gazan children psychologically damaged after war

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لا إله إلا الله

Aid agencies say the psychological effects of the Israeli offensive on Gaza have been heavy, particularly on children.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull talks to one nine year old boy about his experiences and how he is dealing with them now.


Focus on Gaza: A Crime of War?

Viva Palestina aid convoy reaches Morocco – 19 Feb 2009


Online appeal for Gaza Convoy
Online appeal for Gaza Convoy

9 thoughts on “Gazan children psychologically damaged after war

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  2. Natureboy, those are good wonderings …. look to see the answers …. you WILL know truth .. it resonates calmly….

    You “wonder… whether ‘parenting’ also refers to the design of society and laws, and if soldiers really fight for greed, or if they just really love to kill.”

    Most are trained and them placed in a situation where the lives of their friends are in their hands …. a few join to kill… recent BBC Documentary recorded a 17 year old Scottish Trooper in training saying that it would be cool “to kill and not get in trouble for it!”

    This is true on all ‘sides’…. the shared trauma binds people …. as for the leaders, they are up for it, they enjoy the comand …..

    Parenting is the design of society, damn right!

    Imagine a parent acting like our Government, then imagine a child in that position…. that’s history.

    • Thanks Cornelius.

      Still remain distracted from ‘Global Warming’ by ‘Global warring’… that was an epic video, resonates to this day.

      I wonder… do little boys crave the kill-or-be-killed scenario, simplifying the more complex call to morality, allowing them to act on their cravings to hunt humans (and other animals), and if we shouldn’t be taking away their guns, teaching them to love all life, and basically putting an end to the amerigoon militaristic theocratic warmongering ideology…

      I wonder if ultimately one needs to put one’s foot down, big brother style (temporarily), and recognize that greed/god/gun/warmongering is a profound threat to us all, and the time has come to stop celebrating the cult of killing– the ‘right to bear arms’ might as well mean ‘roll up yer friggin’ sleeves’! (Or the ‘right to Arm Bears’…).

  3. This is exactly what Alice Miller was warning us about – this is what our culture has done to children for a very, very long time and it never was acceptable, and it certainly is not now.

    The mainstream media is complicit in the way it sanitises what Governments do to people. No wonder there’s ‘conspiracy theories’ …

    The names such a Illuminati, Terrorists, ect all serve to disguise the FACT that this is wrought by men in business suits, calmly lying, as did Jack Straw who opposed the FOI request for the notes and written materials concerning the decision making process that lead the UK Government into two wars, if not more, into torture, into clandestine wars, support for the violence the Isreali Government inflict upon Paklestinians, as well as their own people. Conscription is a breach of all fundamental human rights, democracy or no!

    Banal Greed drives these men and women who launch one country against another for ‘strategic purposes’. An ungly phrase, that belies the horror of what children in war zones are forced to go through.

    The mainstream media, and hollywood are all complicit.

    Keep up the good work Lo!

    • And the change must come from parents, not from politcians, for it to be assured of any chance of success. And not just a few parents. All parents -THIS IS PARENTING ISSUE!

      • I wonder… is it all controlled from the top, or is there a true bloodlust in the minds of men? How could they keep enlisting to kill when the wars are proven bogus, the crippled veterans there for all to see who suffer for nothing.

        I wonder… If in some ways the perceived ‘triumph of good over evil’ of WW2 reinforced the glory and valor of war, which has its origins in a deep psychological addiction to legalized mass-murder, hence the multitude of gratuitous, illegal wars since.

        I wonder… if the industrialization of war, a fascination with firearms, combined with an antiquated idea of ‘nationalism’ and/or religious fundamentalism, allows these soldiers to carry out these unspeakable crimes.

        I wonder… if sports, sport hunting, silly obsolete concepts of ‘god and country’, violence in films, training via obsessions with video games, indoctrinations from all facets of society are not additionally to blame for the irrepressible march to battle, commanded by the ‘greedy’.

        I wonder… whether ‘parenting’ also refers to the design of society and laws, and if soldiers really fight for greed, or if they just really love to kill.


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