Chip Ward: The Department of Homegrown Security

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By Chip Ward

Now that we’ve decided to “green” the economy, why not green homeland security, too? I’m not talking about interrogators questioning suspects under the glow of compact fluorescent light bulbs, or cops wearing recycled Kevlar recharging their Tasers via solar panels. What I mean is: Shouldn’t we finally start rethinking the very notion of homeland security on a sinking planet?

Now that Dennis Blair, the new Director of National Intelligence, claims that global insecurity is more of a danger to us than terrorism, isn’t it time to release the idea of “security” from its top-down, business-as-usual, terrorism-oriented shackles? Isn’t it, in fact, time for the Obama administration to begin building security we can believe in; that is, a bottom-up movement that will start us down the road to the kind of resilient American communities that could effectively recover from the disasters — manmade or natural (if there’s still a difference) — that will surely characterize this emerging age of financial and climate chaos? In the long run, if we don’t start pursuing security that actually focuses on the foremost challenges of our moment, that emphasizes recovery rather than what passes for “defense,” that builds communities rather than just more SWAT teams, we’re in trouble.

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  1. This reflects what needs to be done, as we must take matters into our collective hands and forge the antidotes to the overall insanity of this fallen system of things which is incapable of solutions that will mend the frays of the greedy capitalist ways which will devour all.

    Dig up your lawns, plant your roofs and get to know those neighbors who are your salvation, not strangers who you fear or compete with.

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