Noam Chomsky: Giving Up Hegemony for Lent

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How should Americans, as a whole, consider the season of Lent? Using Noam Chomsky as a lens, it would be good to start with our misuse of the planet, our militarization of space, and ultimately our irrational commitment to global hegemony….all of which threaten our own survival and the future lives of our grandchildren.



Transcript and story at The Raw Story


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5 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Giving Up Hegemony for Lent

  1. Corporate Individual Idenity has to be repealed.
    This entity is striving to survive at all costs, regardless of the sacrifices endured by the true Individual, the Human Being..
    Restriction of necessities, food, shelter, & water, threw Laws, prohibitions, and favorable regulations, for the welfare of the Corporate Individual’s profit, control, and security. This “Individual” has no soul, only the power “We the Poeple…”, for Justice & Tranquility allow it to have.
    This Individual, like the Neanderthal man, it is time for this entities Extinction, before “Humans” are extinct.

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  3. This is a great post. The Lenten journey is one that goes beyond denial of self in an imitation of Christ. It is a spiritual journey of following Jesus as he confronts the forces that deal death and conquers them. In that sense, Chomsky’s perspective is a most appropriate Lenten meditation.

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