Amy Goodman: An Army Remains + Everybody look what’s goin’ down!

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From 1600 PA Ave. MSNBC 2.27.09


Everybody Look What’s Goin Down…

My Friend Amy


Everybody look what’s goin’ down!


True patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security.

The song is “Children” by (hed) pe. It is a remake of Buffalo Springfield’s “For what it’s worth”.


How You Ended The War (video)

Kucinich on Iraq withdrawal + Paul: We Killed A Million Of Their People! + Obama Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Dennis Kucinich: Can’t leave 50,000 troops in Iraq and call it a withdrawal + Pentagon Lifts Ban On Coffin Images

Afghanistan + More Troops = Catastrophe (Full Video)

13 thoughts on “Amy Goodman: An Army Remains + Everybody look what’s goin’ down!

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  3. Did you all catch the redirect…?

    He pointed listeners to a .com domain NOT .org…

    Was it an innocent mistake, a slip of the tongue or was this an intentional tactic of the snakes forked tongue???

  4. Dear N.W.O.,
    The states of America can not affrod to be the Z, or S.S. Police of your Idealogy.
    Survailance, Prohibitions, Malice, Kid-napping, Detention, Mis-carrages of Justice, Micro-Chips, only creates an enviroment of fear.
    Obviously, U are the fearful one, not “We the People..”, yet.

    2,000,000,000 incarcerated, 309,000,000 Trillions in Debt, Corporations run recklessly, Currency worthless, don’t you see the what has been created?

    It a Monster, a monster that keeps feeding fear, and creating debt, at first the “law abbiding” people will pa til,, then run, but cornered they will fight U the monster, it will be death to one or the other, for only one can survive.
    “A house[country] devided….”.
    Old Abe, would of been arrested for his views of dissent, against the Estabilished Govt., under today’s Prohibitions.

    Freedon lives in the Heart, Burns in the Soul, and is Kindled in the mind.
    Change Course before “We” all Regret the true cost.

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  7. Thank you for posting this.

    $3 Trillion.
    1 Million+ dead.
    50K troops remaining = No end in sight.

    Please people, rise up, demand an urgent end to this, come together, right now.

    Barack will understand if the people speak. No further US deployments in Afghanistan.

    People: refuse, resist, repair.

    “Come Home America”

    ~ MLK.

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